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But life as a homosexual in the 1940s was incredibly difficult "There was even the possibility that gay soldiers could have been shot.". 1 day ago - 44 secAfter a sex video was posted online, “the army began to hunt down other homosexual soldiers. As brave as any: Letters reveal untold stories of gay soldiers who risked being shot for 'gross indecency' during the two world wars And now the incredible stories of the gay men who fought in the two world wars has been revealed in a new book on the 50th anniversary of the.

Two gay Iraqis who met, fell in love and fled their home country to be together made an appearance on Ellen this week. A film about their. Campaigners are calling on a witch-hunt for gay soldiers to end immediately.

According to campaign group the Military Human Rights Center. “Disgraceful conduct”South Korea's presidential election fuels a row about gay rights. The army is accused of trying to weed out gay soldiers. Retired US Marine General John Sheehan got one thing right in his testimony to the US Congress: gays serve in the Dutch military.

But it takes a foreigner to. LGBT personnel are able to serve in the armed forces of some countries around the world: the However, an accepting policy toward gay and lesbian soldiers does not invariably guarantee that LGBT citizens are immune to discrimination in.

Ellen features a same-sex couple who met while serving in the Iraqi army. The country, which is the 11th richest in the world, has been arresting gay soldiers on mass in recent months. When gay Americans sought the right to serve in the military, that was a central argument against the change. When women sought combat.

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